Nahua Expeditions

Our commitment begins with the communities—engaging, empowering, and uplifting them as partners in the delicate dance of conservation. The involvement and collaboration with these local communities is pivotal. Through employment opportunities, skills development, and projects that enhance local well-being, we aim to create a sustainable balance where every tourist footstep taken in these regions leaves not only a positive imprint, but long-lasting change.

One of our missions for 2023 is to continue building clean & efficient cookstoves for local families. Currently, most families in small rural villages cook their meals on open fires, inside of their home. On average the person cooking inhales the equivalent to 3 packs of cigarettes each day, and on average eight people per household will be inhaling smoke every time they eat. In addition, because there is no insulation around the fire, their open fire stove requires constant firewood to continue burning. 

A sustainable cookstove will channel smoke out of the kitchen through a vent, while retaining much more heat underneath the griddle, resulting in around 60% less wood required to cook.

All materials and labor are sourced locally–so their local economy is stimulated within itself as well. Every masonry job we can provide is income that substitutes income that may be sought out through logging. 

The result is a smoke-free kitchen, and less demand for firewood. Both health, and reduced logging effects will be seen rippled across time.